Amazon’s Top-rated Luggage Set Has Over 13,000 Five-star Reviews, and Is on Sale Now

WE’RE IN the midst of peak summer travel, which means it’s a solid time to make those much needed upgrades on luggage. Perhaps you dusted off your bags for your upcoming vacation and noticed they’re a bit ratty and worn down? Or maybe you recently suffered from a mid-airport wheel blowout as you were rushing to your gate? Whatever the reason might be, upgrading your luggage is as much of a luxury as it is a necessity.

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The good news about buying luggage these days is it doesn’t have to be expensive. Take for example this Coolife 3-piece Luggage Set we just found on sale (37% off)! Deemed a certified “Amazon’s Choice” product, this hardshell luggage set has over 13,700 five-star reviews and is available in a wide array of colors. It’s normally $300 (which is already a deal in it’s own right), but now you can get the 3-piece set for over $100 off!

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Luggage 3 Piece Hardshell Set



$199.99 (33% off)

The best aspect about this Coolife luggage set is, of course, the value. With the set you receive three different sized suitcases: a 20-inch carry-on, a 24-inch mid-sized bag, and a 28-inch large bag. Our favorite feature is the spacious interior design, which (1) makes it easy to pack in as much cargo as possible and (2) offers neat storage when not in use. To elaborate on the latter, the Coolife luggage set can be stored within itself. So you can make three bags into one and store just the large checked bag in your closet or under your bed!

Taking a look at the reviews, most individuals praised the Coolife’s clean style and durability. One contributor bragged about the hardshell’s lifespan, “I really wasn’t expecting too much, I thought maybe a year or two traveling with them and they’d be done! Nope, they’re holding strong and I’d recommend em to anyone, especially the infrequent traveller, these will probably last you your entire life.” Another reviewer added how well this Coolife set performed with international travel, “My son took this luggage to Costa Rica and it work amazingly. It held up against Travel internationally and still looks brand new. We were so impressed we bought the 4 piece set.”

Getting a new setup on lightweight, hardshell luggage for under $200 is a rare find. You can score the all-black 3-piece set for exactly $100 off (33% off), or you can choose from several of the other colors (like silver, neon green, blue) and take about $110 off (37% off). And if you’re looking for the hook up on a 4-piece set, Coolife is discounting that one as well! The 4-piece set comes with the same luggage you get in the 3-piece, plus an added 16-inch mini carry-on.

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Luggage 4 Piece Hardshell Set



$209.99 (30% off)

If you ask us, this is a luggage deal that’s simply too good to miss. Snag either of these Prime-eligible sets now and get it to your doorstep ASAP. Let the bags serve as your quick-fix to your upcoming vacation, then watch as they hold tough for all your future travels!


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