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Some heroes wear capes, while others (I’m looking at you, pitmasters) wear aprons. Some wear neither, honestly, they just know how to get the good stuff to the people who want it. For your next cookout, you can have some of best barbecue in the country, delivered right to your door, hassle-free from Goldbelly. Goldbelly barbecue doesn’t just provide top-quality meats, but everything you’ll need for the big day, so you can give yourself time back to sip a bourbon drink all slow-like and enjoy the festivities.

Goldbelly is an online marketplace for gourmet-prepared eats, and it works with some of the most legendary barbecue joints south (and north) of the Mason-Dixon to send slow-cooked meats and barbecue sides to your door. 

bo ssam pork shoulder on table

Momofuku’s Bo Ssäm dinner is just one of many excellent barbecue options on Goldbelly.


Don’t worry, I’ve tested it

Not all types of prepared food freeze and travel well. But barbecue, which is mostly slow-cooked, is well-suited for a cross-country journey. That, coupled with how darn long real barbecue takes to make at home — and how difficult it can be — makes it an excellent candidate for ordering online. Plus, you can score expertly prepared barbecue dinners for up to eight people for under $95. 

To be sure it’ll all go according to plan, I ordered up a feast of ribs, brisket and brisket burnt ends from the iconic Joe’s KC via Goldbelly. Everything arrived frozen and neatly packed with instructions to heat and serve. I seared the tender pork ribs on the grill with some of the included extra sauce and heated the burnt ends and brisket on the same grill wrapped in foil. Everything turned out impossibly tender and bursting with rich, smoky flavor. 

Oh, and I barely had to lift a finger.

If you’re looking for a true mic drop for your cookout (but minus the labor), I can’t recommend Joe’s highly enough. But there’s a slew of easy options on Goldbelly

The best barbecue to order online this summer


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This heaping helping of barbecue from Joe’s in KC includes a slab of pork ribs, one pound of brisket, a pound of chopped beef burnt ends and a bottle of sauce.


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This might be the best deal out of all of Goldbelly’s barbecue offerings. Dinosaur has made quite a name for itself churning out tasty ribs and pork in upstate New York but you can get the goods wherever you live. 

The sampler includes two types of meat (ribs, sausage, pork shoulder, brisket or chicken), plus a pound each of beans and chili, and two bottles of sauce. You can even add sausage links, house pickles or more sauces to your order for an extra cost. 

This is enough food for eight (probably more) for less than $95. I’m not sure you could make all this food from scratch for that cheap.

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