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After initial frenzy, electric two-wheeler market consolidating

Just 7 companies accounted for 86% of all electric two-wheeler registrations in September Topics Electric Vehicles | two wheelers | Automobile How much impact have electric two-wheelers had on converting ICE customers to electric? After the initial euphoria, the electric two-wheeler market is going through a quiet consolidation. An analysis of VAHAN data shows that just seven companies last
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Cutting taxes the right thing to do, both morally and economically: UK PM

Prime Minister Liz Truss asked her Conservative Party on Wednesday to trust her, pledging to steer Britain through “stormy days” and transform a stagnant economy in a pitch to restore her authority over a party in revolt. Addressing Conservative lawmakers and members at an annual conference beset by internal bickering and policy confusion, Truss sought

How to recover your hacked Instagram account: Check details here

To help Instagram confirm that you own the account, you can request Instagram to send a login link to your phone number or email address If someone gained access to your Instagram account or if you are unable to log in, then there are several ways you can take necessary action through the website or

WHO issues alert for 4 India-made cough syrups; check symptoms here

On Wednesday, World Health Organization (WHO) issued an alert over four substandard pediatric syrups, which could be the reason behind the deaths of 66 children in The Gambia. According to WHO, substandard medical products fail to meet their quality standards or specifications and are, therefore, "out of specification". The four mentioned products are Promethazine Oral

Putin signs laws on annexation as Kyiv takes back dozens of towns

Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed laws formally absorbing four Ukrainian regions into Russia, even as its military struggles to control the territory that was illegally annexed. The documents finalizing the annexation, carried out in defiance of international laws, were published on a Russian government website on Wednesday morning. Both houses of the Russian parliament