Don’t Worry, ‘Ms. Marvel’ Didn’t Break the ‘Endgame’ Time Travel Rules

Ms Marvel spoilers follow.

Ms Marvel head writer Bisha K Ali has addressed whether or not the Disney+ show has broken the time-traveling rules set out by Avengers: Endgame.

In Endgame, we’re told by Bruce Banner/Smart Hulk that you cannot change the past by going back to the past, but things seem to be different in Ms Marvel.

In episode five, ‘Time and Again’, Kamala Khan is taken back to the night her great-grandmother, Aisha, disappeared during the Partition of India.

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Aisha sends Kamala to help guide her daughter, Sana, to reunite with her father to ensure her survival. So Kamala was able to change the past?

Speaking to CinemaBlend, Ali explained that the rules set out in Endgame have since been expanded on by another Disney+ show, Loki, and those are the rules Ms Marvel was following.

“Yes, we had the Avengers: Endgame [rules] that you can’t go back in like a consequential [way]. … However, between Endgame and [Ms Marvel], another little show came through called Loki, which I was very much a part of figuring out how time could work,” she said.

“And I would say that I think it wouldn’t have caused a Nexus event because of the inevitability of it. So it was a closed loop. That’s what’s up… And it was also the fact that a Nexus event is caused by… You know what? I’m gonna get shouted out by someone, either by a fan or by Marvel. I can’t tell which.

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“But I will say this, that for me, it made perfect sense, and it fit into the logic of what was established in the TVA, which seemed like the ultimate ruling on time, I think.”

Ali also recently cleared up the confusion surrounding the nature of Brie Larson’s surprising appearance as Captain Marvel in the finale’s post-credits sequence, confirming to Deadline that Kamala had not transformed into Carol.

“What you’re seeing is exactly what you think you’re seeing. That’s her, there’s no magic there,” she explained. “All I can say beyond that is to enjoy [The Marvels] in one year’s time.”

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