The 18 Best Accessories for Your PlayStation 5

Picking out accessories for a new PlayStation 5 is almost as tricky as buying one. That’s because of its new capabilities. The cybernetic clamshell tower of a console is packed to the gills with impressive hardware. It can run games in native 4K, hit frame rates in excess of 120 frames per second, and output video at 120 hertz for that ultra-silky-smooth look and feel. 

It’s the first game console that can really take advantage of a killer home-theater setup. To that end, we’ve compiled our favorite PS5 accessories, which include a few luxury picks for those of you looking to really turn your living room into a cathedral for your new PS5.

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Updated August 2022: We’ve adjusted prices and added the Backbone PS5 Edition. 

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  • Photograph: Sony

    A Charging Dock

    Sony DualSense Charging Station

    You’ll want a charging dock. Even if you stick with one controller, it’s nice to just drop it in the dock when you’re done playing and know it’ll be fully charged when you’re ready to get back at it. This is the official charger from Sony, so it matches the cyber-clam aesthetic of the PS5, which is a plus. They look really cute together.

  • Photograph: Sony

    A Second Controller

    Sony DualSense Controller

    It’s 2021 and game consoles still don’t ship with two controllers. You’ll need an extra gamepad if you want to get in on any couch co-op, and the best one is still Sony’s official DualSense model. That might change in the coming months, but right now, no other third-party controller really packs the same level of immersive feedback the DualSense does.

    Thanks to the placement of haptic feedback motors throughout the controller, you can feel more nuanced vibrations than you can with other controllers. It’s like spatial audio for your hands. If something whips by your character on the left side, you might feel a little rumble under your left hand. It’s awesome. Games can control how much resistance the left and right shoulder triggers give you. If you’re pulling the drawstring on a bow and arrow, for instance, a game might make it more difficult to press the triggers.

  • Photograph: Scuf

    A Controller for Competitors

    Scuf Reflex Controller

    The DualSense above is one of my favorite controllers of all time. I’ve come to love and appreciate the streamlined design, the slim form factor, and the overall look and feel of Sony’s latest controller. That’s why I’m obsessed with Scuf’s Reflex controller. In the months I’ve spent testing it in 2022, it’s managed to do everything the DualSense does, but better

    That extra-ness will definitely cost you, though: The DualSense is about $70, and the Reflex starts at $200. So what does that get you? The body is covered in a soft-touch material that doesn’t pick up fingerprints and is grippy without feeling sticky. It’s like the suede of plastic.

    It also has four (removable) back paddles, which you can configure individually. These are a godsend in games like Destiny 2 where you have to juggle multiple abilities all at once. And the faceplate comes off so you can swap out the thumb sticks if you want. (There are taller ones available that provide a more nuanced sense of control.) You can also swap out the faceplate itself for other colors. Overall, it’s everything a premium controller should be, and if you’re going to play a lot of competitive online games, it’s an accessory I’d highly recommend.